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At the World Language Institute, we offer one-on-one Japanese language lessons tailored to individuals of various nationalities. With a personal instructor, you can have lessons that align with your desired content at an optimal pace based on your Japanese proficiency.

Please note that we do not handle applications for the Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status at our institute.
Only individuals with a valid resident status are eligible for our lessons. Thank you for your understanding.

For example:
-If you want to concentrate on exam preparation before taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

-If you can read and write but struggle with speaking fluently, we can help enhance your conversational skills.

-If you need to communicate with clients via email for work, we can assist you in acquiring business email writing skills.

We offer customized lessons to meet your specific needs and requests.


Private Lessons
[Flexible Reservation System]

(In-person or online)


Enrollment Fee: ¥11,000 (tax included)
*After the trial lesson, if you apply within one week, the enrollment fee will be halved.

Textbook Fee: Actual cost

Pleasant Discounts

-Junior high school, high school, vocational school, and university students receive a 5% discount.
-For those studying two or more languages simultaneously, there are 5% discounts.
-Individuals aged 65 and above receive a 5% discount.

*Only one discount can be applied.

Course Duration Number of Lessons Validity Period Tuition Fee
(tax included)
Installment Payment
Maximum Number
of Payments
Standard 100 minutes 4 2 months ¥52,800 One-time payment only
10 3 months ¥130,900 3 payments
20 6 months ¥251,900 6 payments
40 12 months ¥503,800 12 payments
Enjoy 50 minutes 8 3 months ¥55,000 One-time payment only
20 6 months ¥136,400 6 payments
40 12 months ¥261,800 12 payments
80 12 months ¥523,600 12 payments

For in-person lessons, a facility usage fee of ¥330 (tax included) will be added per session. If combined with online lessons, the facility usage fee for the number of lessons taken online will be refunded after completing the contracted course.

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